Tonight, Britain is a little less free. The Government pushed through legislation allowing the Internment of suspected terrorists for 42 days without charges being laid against the suspects. And who gave the vital 9 votes to get it through? By deep irony it was Unionist MP’s from Northern Ireland, who would have loved to have seen such legislation in place during the “troubles”.

Neither internment nor ID cards will deter terrorism. If someone is prepared to die for their cause will the possibility of being imprisoned stop them? Will potential terrorists write “terrorist” on their ID card application forms? I doubt that rather much. It’s like the question that US immigration puts on the forms you fill out before entering the US : “Do you plan on overthrowing the Government of the USA?” Ummm……

42 Days? The Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, Everything, is Freedom.

~ by @mmonyte on June 11, 2008.

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