Bands I'd Forgotten I'd Liked

Stumbled across a repeat of the BBC TV series based on the Pete Frame “Rock Family Trees”. This one on “Mersey Beat Part II” incorporated “Big In Japan” and ” Dalek I Love You”, so I am off to the fountain of torrents to search for the above.

So what obscure acts have you forgotten you loved?

The rock’n’roll anorak in me loved Pete Frame’s original hand-drawn family trees (which I can see on the shelf from here, and I’m just going to pull down the “Album Cover Album” and drool over some proper 12 x 12 cover art.

Was Not Was, I need some of that on the ‘pod. Joy Divison, why don’t I have any of that either (Love will tear us apart meets ilegirls’ sadsong criteria)

Damn! They’ve just mentioned “The Tear Drop Explodes”, I so need some of that on the ‘pod.

Is there a terrabyte version of the ‘pod available yet?

~ by @mmonyte on June 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bands I'd Forgotten I'd Liked”

  1. For me I had forgotten the term “anorak” and now it is my mission to use it once more! Apart from that now I am in the mood for the “old” stuff may the fountain of torrents treat me well as it hopefully did you!

  2. My husband is The Master at locating awesome music. He just found a torrent to die for: live Stevie Wonder, of fantastic quality. It nearly brought tears to my eyes when his daughter sang Isn’t She Lovely, the song he’d written for her when she was born. He’s someone whose music I had forgotten I loved. Certainly not an obscure artist, but what a talent all the same!

    Obscure … depends on the region of course, but here in the states early Roxy Music wasn’t exactly mainstream. People were listening to all sorts of disco and soul and unpoetical pop crap while Ferry and Friends experimented – occasionally producing a gem such as Out of the Blue, Mother of Pearl, Virginia Plain.

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