Pass Me The Microscope

Yes, I know we used to have operating systems that ran in only 64K RAM or even less, but it is nice, none-the-less, to stumble across an OS that’ll run happily on a 486 processor, with only 16 MB RAM, and who’s entire installed footprint (including web browsers, VOIP, IM, picture editing, word processor, spreadsheet program and email) is only 50 MB (about the size of Windows 3.11). So step forward Damn Small Linux and take a bow. It can run entirely in 128 MB RAM (by booting from a Live CD or USB drive) it can even run in Windows as a Guest OS, so handy for a bit of forensics.

I added it to my VMWare machines, booting from an ISO image file, but couldn’t get it to recognise VMware’s Hard Disk, then I installed it on an old 267 MHz AMD K6 with 256 MB RAM and a 3 GB Hard drive. Perfect!

It is based on Knoppix/Debian, running Linux kernel 2.4.something, and there isn’t much support, but when I think of all the old PC’s a previous company of mine donated to Africa, all running this OS, it would open a lot of technological doors to a lot of people.

~ by @mmonyte on June 4, 2008.

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