Come Into The Garden, Maude

Well the bluebells finished a couple of weeks ago, and now the forget-me-nots have run out of steam, so it’s time for a refresh of the garden borders. So I have been manically uprooting the seed-laden f-m-n’s and grubbing around to see what has survived from last year.

The Dahlias are showing shoots, the Astilbes are doing very well but there is no sign of the delicious chocolatey Cosmos or Scabious. The Oriental poppies and Peonies are about to give a magnificent display if the rain will relent.

I top-dressed the bare patches with well rotted compost and purchased a few verbena, nicotiana, antirhinums and sweet william dianthus to plug any gaps.

The hanging baskets have been planted up with begonias and bizzie lizzies, and are standing in a shady corner settling in. I’ll hang them up at the weekend.

~ by @mmonyte on May 30, 2008.

One Response to “Come Into The Garden, Maude”

  1. I look forward to pictures!

    Today I scraped up the remnants of weeds the hubby had whacked down two days ago, and laid some of the last bits of last year’s hay on the bed. Tomorrow I will try to lay down a small deck – have 2 large pieces of decking material that are terribly heavy.

    No plants in this bed yet. It’s behind the garage, another secret hideaway in which I plan to place a bench and table, some potted things, and enjoy the sunsets.

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