The Season, Part 2

After the Lords Test match, the next de rigeur item of the season is The Chelsea Flower Show. And not on one of those Public Days for the hoi polloi, but a Member’s day, so on Tuesday it was on with the sensible shoes, sharpen the elbows, and once more unto the breach, to fight the hordes and get to the front. The battles with stout matrons from the shires, made photography occasionally awkward. I used to go most years, but haven’t been for maybe six years, so I thought it time to go back and see whats what.

On the way there, walking across Hyde Park, I came upon the cavalry, exercising, and practicing for Trooping The Colour (which is performed to mark the official birthday of the Monarch). With dust raised by the hooves of the horses hanging in the air, it was possible to imagine them riding to war in the eighteenth or nineteenth century.

The garden I enjoyed most was the Life to Life garden designed by George Harrison’s widow, but overall I preferred the time I spent in the pavilion with the exhibits from the plant nurseries and breeders. Although it has been extended to six days it is still too crowded, and access for anyone with disabilities is mediocre. This is somewhat ironic as it is staged in the grounds of the Royal Hospital, a retirement home for old soldiers, many of whom are infirm.

Main thing I came away with? There’s quite a few ways you can build a wall!

~ by @mmonyte on May 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Season, Part 2”

  1. Wow what walls are those! I really like the one that seems to have “stepping stones” least that’ll make it easier for me to climb! ROFL re Ambergate’s – why you not on Photo Dimension ?

  2. Thanks, I’m just about to take part in The Season Part 3, I’ll investigate that site when I get back on Monday! 🙂

  3. Love the Green Door!! And the proteas. And the species tulips! And the Dream Garden (very zen). And that evocative twisty wood thingy from Zimbabwe that looks like a tangle of human limbs. And … well, everything is so beautiful.

    Do you grow orchids? Fun indoor gardening hobby, though not for the faint of heart as they will turn on you without warning, the little scamps.

  4. At Chelsea, you can see just about anything you’d want in a garden. Except Gnomes. Gnomes are banned.

    I don’t so much grow Orchids as try and keep them alive. I have a couple of examples of both Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis. I find the Phalaenopsis easier as they can go out in the Greenhouse (and even into the garden in Summer). I have just managed to get a Cymbidium to re-flower (well I didn’t try very hard, I just left it alone!)

  5. Cymbidium grow outdoors here, and better than in San Francisco proper than out here in the suburbs. I had good luck with Phal in Hayward, none at all here in Walnut Creek – and grew them indoors. So temperamental they are. Masdevallia are absolutely sweet little things, but they up and die when I walk by. ** sigh **

    No Gnomes, eh? I’ve thought of getting one for a friend’s garden as a sort of joke. She has a neighbor with a serious collection of ephemera including gnomes, bunnies, frogs, fairies. It is distressing to see the riot of statuary in a yard bare of plantlife. Postmodern?

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