The Season, Part 1

It used to be that people of good breeding and good taste would embark upon a summer of entertainment and display by attending the Lords Test Match. So it was with ambition, and large picnic hampers, that Myles, Gary, Tim and I repaired to The Home Of Cricket on Sunday. England were playing New Zealand in the first Test. Cricket is a game Americans are unable to grasp. A match is played for six hours a day, five days in a row, and you may still not get a result. Rain (and bad light – no floodlights) often intervene, but as long as there is enough to drink (and a bit to eat) the audience rarely get upset.

~ by @mmonyte on May 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Season, Part 1”

  1. It’s not that we can’t grasp it, it is just that we have short attention spans. This is the birthplace of ADD. In addition

  2. I prefer not to talk cricket at this point in time, being South African it is our food, our daily bread that and whipping England in Rugby *shrug* … You mean to say the weather held? Heard it was wreaking havoc with the England score over NZ.

    I don’t understand how anyone can NOT enjoy cricket when you get moments like Christopher Martin-Jenkins fishing analogy

  3. I say nothing more …. “But I follow the cricket. Especially now when South Africa is doing their yearly humiliation of England.”

    Hmph I hear you say?

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