Lightning in a bottle

The first time I heard a track from the Alison Krause/Robert Plant collaboration “Raising Sand” I was entranced. The interplay of their voices is sublime and the backing, perfect. Until I saw them perform on Jools Holland’s “Later” TV show, when they were even better, which followed on from one of the most rapturous concert reviews that I have ever read. And a huge, huge “respect” to T-Bone Burnett whos production and arrangements helped catch those bolts in the bottle. Led Zep re-union tour? on this form, I can’t see why Mr RP would ever feel the need.

~ by @mmonyte on May 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Lightning in a bottle”

  1. You and my husband – you would like each other! You are both very quirky and love music. He too was skeptical and ultimately floored by the beauty of this pairing.

  2. The man has taste 😀

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