AOL defined

I’ve blogged before about the problems with AOL. Here, someone has nailed the cause of the problem.

AOL defined

~ by @mmonyte on April 29, 2008.

10 Responses to “AOL defined”

  1. ROFL now that is a classic – just love the look on her face as well! So in reality you are telling me AOL is worse than BT???

  2. AOL are even worse! However BT are in bed with the spying scum at Phorm

    That picture is from a genuine AOL advert!

  3. hmmm I’m not blonde anymore so going to sit on my hands and do research first before I fall into that one… yes I have deleted my previous comment for which I shan’t divulge …

  4. Fabulous ad! That is precious.

    I used AOL’s instant messenger service for about 2 years, and finally decided I would either need to send them an invoice for the ad-space I provided on my pc or dump their crappy product. On the recommendation of a friend, I now use Pidgin (formerly, Gaim), and though it lacks a couple of the AOL product’s features it’s far better than tolerating the endless pop-ups.

    I found the perfect solution to AOL’s insidiousness: I upgraded to a new pc.

  5. I,when I can be bothered to logon to IM, use Trillian one client to attache to Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ, IRC. One ring to rule them all.

    Oh, and I uses a totally different moniker to the one I use here.

  6. That’s another reason why I like Pidgin – same as Trillian.

    Ah the One Ring.

    I don’t use IM at home, just at work. And only Pidgin. And I only really use it for work-related purposes. It is a fantastic tool. I finally convinced one of my little programmer princesses to try it (she had flashbacks of a bad AOL trip when I first mentioned it), and now she’s hooked.

  7. Oh yes – and different ID as well. Here I have the luxury to be selectively anonymous.

  8. I’m not sure IM that in a work environment IM is terribly useful, in fact I put it at #2 on my list of the “three things that reduce productivity”

    #1 Email
    #2 Instant Messaging
    #3 Internet Access
    #4 Long Lunch Breaks

    Sorry, did I say three things 🙂

  9. Long lunch breaks … what is unproductive about that? That is the time your brain recovers from the other three.

    Well, either that or the long lunch hour is used to go shoe shopping. And

  10. oops.

    As I was saying …

    And, when a girl is wearing pretty shoes she is always more productive.

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