Spring is Springing

After some cold and occasionally smelly weather, spring seems to have woken up and strolled home from the bench where it had been sleeping off it’s hangover.

One of the reasons that I like gardening, is that it provides me with material for one of my other hobbies, photography, so this morning with the sun out and the flowers doing their thing, I got the camera and tripod out for my first major photoshoot of the year.


Click on the slideshow if you want to go to Picasaweb and view the pictures in a larger size.

~ by @mmonyte on April 22, 2008.

9 Responses to “Spring is Springing”

  1. Glad that Spring didn’t drink too much peppermint schnaps this year and leave us waiting.

    Gorgeous! You have a broad variety of Narcissus. The fritillary looks like Fritillaria uva-vulpis (a name which sounds vaguely slutty).

  2. Thank you for identifying the Fritillary. The permanent marker I used on the label turned out to be somewhat temporary when used outdoors.

  3. Did you add more pictures? I don’t recall having seen the Fritillaria meleagris the first time I looked at the slide show. I am jealous – positively green. For years I tried various fritillaries, to no avail. And, I was particularly taken with the Snake’s Head fritillary as I believed it would be striking and unusual. Sadly, they are simply not destined for this climate.

  4. No the meleagris was there! I haven’t had chance to do much for the past few days to a (a) incurring Liver damage, and (b) recovering from liver damage after David’s visit

  5. Wishing you a healthy liver and more photos soon.

  6. Fab photos the man def has talent… out of interest, what camera do you use?

  7. Pentax K10D body, these pictures with my Tamron 90mm SP macro lens and a circular polarising filter. The better photos can be found at the links on my Photo galleries page

  8. Hmph have been perving on the K10D but now torn between that one and the Samsung GX practically identical … *off to go look at photos* epz?

  9. Yes, the Samsung is practically identical, though I believe the firmware is their own, so the options you can set on the camera are different to the Pentax. And you can have the 14 mega pixel new ones (which means there will be plenty of the previous models discounted in the shops or on evilbay)

    Most of my better pictures are on Ephotozine or Mr Amberfire’s wall.

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