Science is Simple: Prove the Null Hypothesis

Following on from my previous post. One of the first things I was taught at University (OK, Middlesex Polytechnic) on Thursday afternoons during Scientific Methodology (it went by some other moniker) was the concept of proving the “null hypothesis”.

Basically, if you believe that X is true, then if you can prove that Y (the 180 degree diagrammatically opposite) is true, then X (your original hypothesis) is false. In layman’s terms: if you don’t believe in god, then if you can prove that god DOES exist then your original hypothesis is false.

So, if you believe in God, you should strive to prove that god does NOT exist. If you fail to prove that God does not exist, then God DOES exist, if not, God does exist. (You cannot prove a negative, e.g. you cannot prov that Aliens do not exist, only that they do). I say God does not exist, so give me his cell phone number, or shut the fuck up.

~ by @mmonyte on April 7, 2008.

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  1. Funny!

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