Tommyfest 2008 (Part 4)

And finally, back to the West Wing for the fourth and final night of Tommyfest 2008.

Sat next to a couple of Geordies, which was appropriate as the guest tonight was Johnny Dickinson, a folksy slide guitarist from the North East.   Johnny always sounds much more “northern” live than on CD, where I think, the producer sets the vocal channel to “mid-atlantic”.  JD is a wonderfully self-effacing performer, and wrings a great sound from his steel guitar with a bottle-neck slide which complements his vocal style well.  (If you want to get some idea of his accent, think Mark Knopfler).  As before, the gallery on the original post has been updated.

Again Tommy played the second half and apart from some abuse of the guitar with a steel brush, relied more on playing than pyrotechnics.  I’ve seen this at previous Tommyfests – Friday and Saturday see the crowd-pleasing fireworks, Sunday and Monday are more for the musical purists or “Jazz Police” as Tommy sometimes calls them.  He even had a good joke.  The weather, he said was “As cold as a car salesman’s handshake”
More on the venue – the bar is staffed by the inevitable blonde eastern European girls, the beer list is longer than just Rebellion and Tetley’s smooth flow, they have Spitfire and Hook Norton, too. Spoke to Graham Steele, the promoter, asked why they didn’t have an official photographer.  Suggested someone for the role.  Not sure if I mentioned why Tommyfest was in Slough – the original venue went bust the week before Christmas, so Graham and the other staff at Windsor Arts Centre were called into a meeting and told – we’re bust, you’re out of work, Merry Christmas.  And that was after most of the tickets for TF2008 had already been sold.  The rescue of the event has been due to the efforts of Graham, Tommy, and Dave Smith (manager of most of the talented guitarists around).  Thank you, gentlemen.

Walked home at midnight in the snow, great end to a great weekend.

~ by @mmonyte on March 25, 2008.

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