Tommyfest 2008 (Part 3)

Once more unto the Wing dear friends! Once More!

Sunday night and Tommy’s guest is Clive Carroll, a magnificent guitarist in a more Irish Folksy/classical style (photos on the first post updated),  Clive is stunning (and TE thinks so too), seen Clive maybe four times previously over four years and it has been interesting to see how he has started to relax and enjoy being on stage, how his banter with the audience has relaxed and become more comfortable. Clive did the first half, then Tommy began the second half.

In an extended introduction to a tune, Tommy hinted that his recent health problems had resulted in him having psychological therapies, so it may not have been the heart problem first rumored.

Clive returned for several tunes ending in a couple of Irish reels which got an ecstatic reception from the audience and the second standing ovation of the weekend (The first was for Tommy & Joscho Stephan Trio).

Update on the West Wing facilities – they need more toilets, and a better beer than John Smiths smooth flow when the Rebellion runs out. (The two may be linked!)

TC and JC (no not that one, even on Easter Sunday) were there, together with Colin, Dominic and another friend of Colin’s that I forget).  TC had quite a long chat with Edgar Cruz and Yancey McClean who performed with Tommy on the first night.

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