Tommyfest 2008 (Part 2)

Back to the West Wing for the Saturday night of Tommyfest 2008. Lots of people with unusual haircuts or impressive beards carrying guitars, who had attended the workshops during the day, or who had been playing on the acoustic stage.

The evening opened with the Joscho Stephan Trio playing in the Gypsy Jazz tradition. Absolutely stunning. Tommy played solo in the second half, and performed his crowd pleasing paean of guitar abuse “Initiation”. But Tommy. A word to the wise mate. In 2008 you can’t refer to the Aborigines as “dusky”. Joined by the JS trio at the end, the combination was pure electricity. (I’ve added photos of the evening to the slideshow in the first post).

More thoughts on the venue. Really happy to have found such a place within walking distance of home (well 2.5 miles of dark muddy bridleways, well-light housing estates [as featured on “Road Wars” where the traffic police chase spliffed up hoodies in their souped up GTi’s], but as a Chaotic Evil Human Ranger (6th Level), I am officially the scariest thing out that late at night). The West Wing has a rather noisy, if over-effective stage smoke machine – the fire alarms were set off during “Initiation”, but English sang-froid being what it is, we all just sat there and waited to fry. Hints too, that the move of Tommyfest to Slough might become permanent.

~ by @mmonyte on March 23, 2008.

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