Another One I Missed

How did that happen? Now I like the work of the Cohen Brothers (O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Blood Simple, Raising Arizona) so how did I miss this one, which proves that (a) John Goodman can act (b) Steve Buscemi doesn’t always have to be a total slimeball and (c) I could be Jeff Bridges (without the drugs) and (d) Julianne Moore does a great English accent. And why to the Nihilists carry a cricket bat? They are German for heck’s sake!

It has a great soundtrack, the villains wannabe Kraftwerk – how cool is that, and more great ideas in one film than you normally find in a lifetime from other directors; reminds me in many ways of Terry Gilliam at his best.

~ by @mmonyte on January 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Another One I Missed”

  1. Ummmmmmmmmm you didnt actually mention which movie you were speaking of?????

  2. Ah, well um, it was a test. The clues were “Jeff Bridges” and, like, stuff. *blush* The Big Lebowski. Cheesey Grin.

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