The End Of Days

It is said, by people who believe in these things, that the second coming of the Messiah will precede the apocalypse. Well get ready for the end, for He is amongst us. The Messiah has chosen a cold town in the North-East of England for his second coming. I shall name him too. This time he goes by the moniker “Kevin Keegan”, and his appointed medium is not woodwork, but football (which on occasion can amount to nearly the same thing).

Should KK manage to turn a perennially under performing chavball team into winners it will count as a rather more miraculous than turning water into wine or raising Lazarus, and seems as likely as that other perennially under performing chavball team Tottenham Hotspur winning the Premiership. Oh and as final confirmation, Newcastle United, for that is the name assigned to the modern disciples, play at Saint James’ Park. Please excuse me now, there are four horsemen outside who want directions to the A1M.

P.S. Since taking up his appointment, aeroplanes have started falling out of the sky, need I say more?

~ by @mmonyte on January 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “The End Of Days”

  1. You dont even follow football you ninny!

  2. I was hoping that “end of days”, “apocalypse”, “messiah”, “second coming”, “Newcastle United” and “Kevin Keegan” would get me lots of google hits!

  3. […] just a naughty boy.  Well King Kev is now ‘cking Kev after resigning (again).  It was always going to end in tears. And now he has gone in a huff. Which is about par for the course as far as Kev is concerned. At […]

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