Sublime to the ridiculous

I was going to write a blog on how moving it was to see Richard Hammond interview his boyhood hero Evel Knievel. Richard met Evel this summer and it was clear that Evel was very ill (He, Evel, died in November 2007). However as he programme went on, it got more and more bizarre. His ex-bodyguard had turned to god and performed a (small) motor cycle jump to help redeem sinners, Evel himself became less friendly and less available. In the end it perfectly encapsulated the insular mindset of under-educated middle americans living in the middle (Butte, Montana) of America. Hooting, hollering self-delusionists of above average weight and below average IQ falling to their knees and embracing Fairy tales. (Does that make them all gay?)

~ by @mmonyte on December 23, 2007.

One Response to “Sublime to the ridiculous”

  1. I always thought Evil Kenevel was plain weird. I watched a tribute to his life on the news and I thought hmm… no loss for me there. Weirder still that his son carrys out his legacy, jumping whatever he can and breaking as many bones as he can along the way. Weird

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