Give me my Internet back…or else

I run Firefox as my main browser, and Safari when I’m using the MacBook, but even so I now have to run ad-blockers, pop-up blockers, script blockers and the Firefox add on “customise google” in order to get even a semblance of order to my Internet experience. As I have gone from a 33kbps dial-up connection to an 8mbps broadband connection, the ability of websites to clog up that extra bandwidth with junk I don’t want or need ensures that the surfing experience ain’t as good as it should be. And the more people try and “push” content at me, the more I’m going to shove it away, preferably back up their arses. All I want are words and a few pictures. If I want to see moving images I’ll click on a link. One of the worst sites for all of this is, unfortunately, one of my favourite destinations.

~ by @mmonyte on November 15, 2007.

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