This week I have been mostly listening to…

Sigur rós and Arcade Fire.

Sigur ros I have been aware of for a while, but hadn’t really gotten around to listening to, though I had inadvertently heard some of their music before, and so has anyone who watches “Top Gear” since their music has been featured quite extensively (especially when cocking around in Iceland, unsurprisingly) SR were featured on the BBC TV program “The Culture Show” and were interviewed by Mark Kermode. Think of their music as Pink Floyd meet U2 and get produced by Brian Eno. Their website has a generous collection of tracks to download. I suppose I first became aware of SR via Bjork. (I have this thing about small, dangerous, women)

I recall seeing Arcade Fire the first time they appeared on Jools Holland’s “Later”, and it was the small dangerous woman (Regine) in the red dress and matching long red gloves that caught my attention, together with their odd instrumentation, arrangements and sound.

~ by @mmonyte on October 26, 2007.

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