I blame Gordon Brown

That funny sound you can hear in the background, is the sound of people jumping off a bandwagon. The Bandwagon in question is the England Rugby Team’s challenge for the World Cup. England were widely derided coming into the competition, and were ranked as no-hopers. However they lasted longer than the donkeys from the principalities and potato fields, and so our Scottish prime minister swallowed his pride and signed up for a junket to Paris, to join up with all the other johnny come-latelys and Blazeraterai. And so England lost out to some strange refereeing decisions and a blind Australian “Television Match Official”, and hence the sound you hear are Rats jumping off the ship. Oh well at least we are not going to qualify for the oikball European Championships next year, so I should be grateful for small mercies.

~ by @mmonyte on October 22, 2007.

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