Here We Go Again

What is it about American Comedians?

I mean they start off all funny and clever, make a couple of the most cripplingly funny movies, then go all saccharine and schmaltzy. Last week I sounded off about Tim Allen, this evening I’ve just been watching L.A. Story with Steve Martin. A quick search of shows that he hasn’t been in a funny movie since. What Gives Dude? (I added “dude” for the authentic L.A. feel) Now, having seen the film (and if they remake it I should play the Ricard E Grant character), and spotting Terry Jones as the implausible voice of Victoria Tennants mother, that reminded me that british comedians keep on being funny or get cured (c.f. John Cleese) or die (c.f. Spike Milligan). Oh and don’t even get me started on Robin Williams, wasted talent or what. Come On Guys. GET FUNNY AGAIN. The world needs you like never before. Oh and sack your agents.

~ by @mmonyte on July 15, 2007.

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