47 going on 17

I am 47 years old going on 17. And I will be forever. The things that were important then are important to me now. And basically that means music. Music and freedom. A year ago I bought an iPod. I loaded up my entire CD collection but still I keep on adding to it. I keep finding new bands, Arcade Fire, Ian Siegal, The Spikedrivers and I get desperately involved, want to have all their albums (albums?!), need to have all their albums. Then BBC4 go and show a documentary on Hawkwind and I watch it once, twice in one evening. I record it. I wanna be in that band, I wanna have a mid-life crisis, wanna run away and join a rock and roll band, wanna sleep with a dancer called Stacia, heck, my beard alone deserves a place in that band.

“I wanna Sliver Machine, I wanna Sliver Machine, I wanna Sliver Machine, I wanna Sliver Machine” (repeat to fade)

~ by @mmonyte on March 31, 2007.

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