The dog pram woman.

I was bimbling around a local beauty spot, nature reserve and SSSI (Special Site of Scientific Interest) the other day, when I noticed an elderly lady pushing a pram.  That in itself is not unusual.  Many grandparents now seem to be the cheap alternative to child-care for working couples.  The pram was an old-fashioned perambulator, a metal cot with a hinged hood riding high above four equally sized wheels, the sort that went out of fashion in the 1960’s, I have a picture of my much younger self in just such a conveyance.  A small well-groomed, if somewhat hairy dog trotted along behind the lady.  As we passed I glanced down at the baby in the pram.  It was a dog.  An older, white version of the one now sniffing my ankles.  I guess that the dog was too ancient for the usual running around and sniffing, but the woman had worked out a scheme to take the dog “walkies”.  Made me rather sad.

~ by @mmonyte on March 8, 2007.

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