The most important tip in the World. Probably.

OK, you know the situation, you need a beer and you need it now. You get your glass (or tankard) pop the top off a bottle and pour. Now no mater how carefully your pour, you end up with half a glass of beer and half a glass of foam. Here’s the tip: wet the inside of the glass (or tankard), then pour the beer. The bubbles that comprise the foam (or head) form around dust and imperfections on the inside of the glass (or tankard). Wetting the glass covers them with a thin film of liquid. Fewer bubbles = less foam (or head).

Now in the interests of science, (and it is part of the scientific method to keep testing to validate all theories) I will on your behalfs (behalves?) attempt to verify this with every single type of bottled beer available. I’m off to test it with a bottle of the Coniston Brewery’s Bluebird Bitter right now. Slianti!

~ by @mmonyte on February 16, 2007.

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