Langton Beck to Dufton (14 Miles) Sunday 18th August 2002

Today promises one of the highlights of the whole trip, High Cup Nick, but the weather is grizzling as we make our way along the river, past Cauldron Snout Waterfall, which tumbles over the Whin Sill. However after long plodding through boggy mires we arrive in the mist and stand there imagining the view. Discovering a mobile phone signal, we call home whilst we take lunch. Rather a let-down.

Not much more to do except plod on to Dufton. The hostel there appeared to have had quite a lot of renovation work, especially on the dining room which was really quite posh. K fell over in the showers with such a bang it brought the warden running up the stairs. Nearly a broken arm to go with everything else. We cross the village green to the pub for a couple of pre-dinner drinks. On the wall of the pub hangs a geological map of the Cross Fell inlier. Back at the hostel we meet a young woman who is re-mapping the inlier. Her supervisor is the chap who did the original survey. Possibly in order to reduce the cost of her stay she seems to be working as a volunteer in the hostel.  We mention our own geological credentials, she seems unimpressed.
Dufton YHA was (is?) threatened with closure because of the small number of people who use it. Hoever it is vital to the PW, because there is nowhere else around here to stay, that doesn’t involve a major diversion from the route.

Tomorrow is going to be a big, long day, but at least we will be walking North East again, in the direction of Kirk Yetholm and those welcoming brass bands, flags and parades.

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