Horton to Hawes (14 Miles) Wednesday 14th August 2002

We had only been walking for a short while, up along a blocky rubbly path when K when over on his ankle. Pause for a short interlude of swearing.

We had completed our money-saving commuting section and now we were on our own, with only a string of hostels and B&B’s (plus one night in a tent between us and Kirk Yetholm). It was a subdued start due to the state of K’s blisters; fortunately the rash from the vegetation had gone down. It wasn’t so much the ankle that seemed to have been injured, but it had starined a tendon in his foot. Being of good Yorkshire stock, K resolved to walk it off.

After Cam Fell, the PW joins the Dales Way and follows the old Roman Road into Wensleydale (did you bring the crackers Grommet lad?) We ambled into the hostel, and while checking in gave or orders for packed lunches the following day, the options being Cheese or Ham.  Misunderstanding the question, I asked for both (and got them!)

Hawes YHA was where we first met Richard and Julie (I subsequently thought of them as “Richard and Judy” and remained apprehensive of calling Julie, Judy).  The were young, fit, and trying to do the walk in only 2 weeks – which meant longer days, and were carrying more weight, as they were also camping where there wasn’t an appropriate hostel.  They were also somewhat inexperienced in that department as evidenced by their kit purchased at Millets being rather heavier than ideal, and their lack of maps – they were only using the strip map of the PW, which you can walk off in ten minutes.

We had dinner in the hostel (Hawes being one of the hostels that is run more as a mini-hotel) then wandered off into town for a pint or two.

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