Hawes to Keld (13 Miles) Thursday 15th August 2002

Fuelled up with a Full English Breakfast, we endured a damp start, and I slightly tore one of the wand pockets on my Osprey Rucksac, cathing it on a railling in the town.

At Hardraw we paused to visit Hardraw Force – you have to walk through the pub and pay an entrance fee. Fortunately the it was too early to be serving so we did not tarry long. Then there is long pull up and over Great Shunner Fell. At the shelter on top we caught up with R&J, and huddled down against the grizzling day whilst we ate lunch.

Leaving R&J we pressed on toward Thwaite, then climbing out of Thwaite we crossed a ridge into Swaledale. Swaledale is littered, no decorated with barns in a very distinctive stype. We were now on the Millstone Grit, and the landsape beomes much softer and more rounded. The weather had improved and we bimbled into Keld into warm sunshine.

Keld is where the PW and the Coast-to-Coast walks collide. There is a small tea-shop near a busy campsite where we had an ice-cream. The little hostel was fully booked and we were grateful for having booked almost two years in advance! It was here I nearly had my first fight, not with K, but with some antipodean drongo who complained about the lack of way marking on the C2C. My position was that if you couldn’t do the navigation you shouldn’t be doing the walk, and that the bones of lost walkers should be left on the hills as a warning to the others. Also, given how quickly and thickly the mist descends, even in summer you’d have to have a marker every couple of yards. You might as well tarmac the whole bloody thing.

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