Baldersdale to Langton Beck (15 Miles) Saturday 17th August 2002

K’s feet are a mess. The blisters keep getting bigger, now’s strained a tendon in his foot. We’re only halfway and spirits are low. However we have spent the night in A Perfect Place. We begin by passing High Birk Hatt, which in 2002 was quite delapidated and run down, but had been purchased as a holiday home (I think) and was due to be done up/ruined depending on your point of view.

Passing another bloody reservoir we exchnage banter with some anglers, before a pull over the hil to Middleton-in-Teesdale. Here we post some old maps home, so as not to have to carry extar weight. We also find a chemist shop to stock up on foot-aids. K is looking for some sort of orthotic arch support, the best we can find is a rather uncomfortable looking lump, designed for pensioners in slippers, not the finely-honed athletes in walking boots we have become.

The afternoon is flat walking along the River Tees. K is in severe pain and close to tears, and what is even more dispiriting, is that you are walking west away from Kirk Yetholm. Not even my comedy refolding of the map antics can cheer Keith up.  We barely notice High Force (waterfalls) and a site of a previous Open University Summerschool Field trip.
Langton Beck YHA is always full (apparently) so we are booked into the Langton Beck Hotel, our most expensive stop of the trip. Now we are sure that Mike has paid more than the deposit but the manageresss denies having recieved the balance so we hand the money over. At least the comfort of the establishment helps raise our spirits.

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