Thornton to Malham (11 Miles) Monday 12th August 2002

Thorton is a pictureskew little village with a busy road through it which is just perfect for depositing commuting PW’ers. I don’t reacll too much of the morning, save for K getting a shock from an electric fence, a bit of larking around on some horse jumps and the Leeds-Liverpool canal. Lunch was taken on a bench in Gargrave, and we continued in warm sunshine up the Aire River (well along the towpath actually, swimming the PW, we drew the line at) Somewhere along here K brushed some vegetation (Giant Hogweed perhaps) which later brought up great welts. Blisters, Shocks, allergic reactions it was all happening to K. All I was doing was sweating slightly. Guiltfest.

We pulled into Malham (Gateway to the North) ahead of schedule. Keith suggested a look at Gordale Scar. I needed some persuasion as it would add 4 km to the day. When we got there, rounded a turn I remarked “Well flip* me”. It is frankly, quite gobsmacking, and if you ever get the chance to go to Malham, take the diversion up to Gordale Scar, it is more than worth it. It is a narrow deep valley cut by glacier melt during the last ice age, and is like, totally awesome, dude.
Back in Malham we had a drink or two and watched the ducks dice with death as they crossed the road to beg for tid-bits from the tourists. L appeared with the car and 2 small people and we had completed the first week.
* actually I said something else here!

~ by @mmonyte on August 19, 2006.

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