Ponden to Thornton (12 Miles) Sunday 11th August 2002

With K’s blisters patched up, L drops us off where we were picked up[ the previous evening. Although we had taken the sting out of the hill we still began with a climb. The weather was good and we were off into some proper moorland walking. Crossing the incongruosly named “The Sea” we pottered off across Ickornshaw Moor.

At Cowling we dallied in the Black Bull Inn for a pint. Resuming we enjoyed a roller coaster ride across the hills, until just after we had taken lunch we realised that once again we were sliding behind schedule and had to pick the pace up again. This day we nver got closer than .75 of a kilometer to a reservoir (Elsack). Descending towards Thornton-in-Craven we had a minor navigational concern, but having learned the lesson of Monday, we stopped, thought about it, sorted it out and continued.

Just shy of Thornton we ran into a sea of cattle-churned mud, the fun of which was dimished by our tiredness. Greeted by L, we were hot, K was bothered by blisters, but we were a day closer to finishing.

~ by @mmonyte on August 19, 2006.

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