Crowden to Standedge (9 miles) Thursday, 8th August 2002

Well this was the real start of it. A short day in prospect and with subdued spirits we didn’t rally want a hard task. A grey and grizzly day we wandered away from Crowden, having been dropped off by Linda and the kids, with the prospect of slogging through some deep peat bogs to come. It was therefore (a) a suprise (b) relief and (c) only a slight tinge of dissapointment to discover that, in the name of erosion control, slabs of stone from the very many demolished mills had been laid across the worst of the peat bogs. Navigation was easy, and we made good time over Black Hill, before passing a string of reservoirs. As we were to discover in the coming days, the route designer must have had a reservoir fetish as the route rarely passed up an opportunity to visit even the smallest body of water.

Wainwright, we decided at Wessenden Head, need updating.  We stubled around in deep tufts of sucky peaty bog blissfully unaware that the modern route took a dry line around.  K broke a (borrowed) trekking pole, just to make it a double whammy.  The mortal remains of the pole were attached to his ‘sac for conveyance to the owener.
The B&B was at Globe farm, and we discovered that it was under very new management, and I think we were their first if not amongst the their first paying customers. And it was our first awkward explanation of why we were two and not three. The local taxi company ran a shuttle service up the A62 to a pub where we replenished our Guinness and calorie stores. Fell into conversation with a sailor who was walking the PW from North to South. “Between Greenhead and Alston” he said “follow the course of the disused railway. Much easier walking than the official way”. We nodded sagely and took mental notes. Perhaps we should have informed our opinion based on the rest of his conversation which was based around fitting Minesweepers with .50 calibre machine guns for service in the Gulf “and you know what that means” he said, meaningfully. Careless talk costs blisters.

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