Edale to Crowden (15 Miles) Tuesday 6th Aug 2002

I think we’d been walking for an hour before either of us spoke, just wrapped up in our thoughts. In the car on the way to Edale I saw a poster advertising the DVD to “The Fellowship of the Ring“. Which one of us is Frodo and who is Sam? I pondered.

It had been a subdued farewell at Edale, rather anticlimactic, as we knew that the following day we would be taking a day off to attend Mike’s funeral. Linda and the kids waved us away and we wandered off taking the modern route to Jacobs Ladder via Upper Booth. Inquisitive sheep loitered nearby as we paused at a rather dry Kinder Downfall for lunch, and the now banned sport of sheep prodding was invented. (You use a trekking pole to prod the sheep – just thought I need to make that clear)
After Bleaklow Head we made our largest navigational error of the whole trip. Mistaking a Clough (a channel through the peat) for the path we ended up taking a more northerly route across Shining Clough Moss, descending the escarpment near White Mare, where we could see circular holes in the rock where millstones had been hewn from the gritstone rock. (The common name for this local rock is Millstone Grit).

We had adopted a division of navigational duties that was to be continued for the whole trip. Keith referred to Wainwright and I backed up with the OS maps; we never sorted out who was to blame for the divertisment, but agreed to raise any navigational concerns immediately instead of waiting a while and saying “shouldn’t we have gone left back there?”.

A quick sprint around the reservoir to Crowden brought us to Saint Annie, about an hour later than advertised. Annie’s job was to drive two sweaty smelly men (one of whom she had never met before) to Sheffield, to the green car park on level three of the Meadowhall shopping centre to be precise, outside Marks and Spencer to be pedantic, and transfer them back to Linda for a dash back to Leeds.

We were tired, we were hot, we were smelly and in need of a pint, and we didn’t feel like we had properly started. Tomorrow was going to be challenging for different reasons.

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