Well Anyway…

As I was recently reminded, blogs ought to have the odd addition to them, but frankly it has been too warm to blog, here in Blighty (Blighty never gets “hot” that’s for abroad) so instead of being an electron slave I have been chillin’ in the garden, ‘pod plugged into brain, and providing a walking feast for the midges. Tonight it rained, so, back to the keyboard.

Talking of warm, the office A/C was struggling to cope, so an engineer was summoned and he suggested there were two types of A/C standards, a UK standard which keeps the office comfortable in temperatures of up to 30C and european which is good for 40C. We apparently have the UK one, so when it got to 33C on the roof caused our women to glow and our horses to sweat.

But better than all of that was the chance to sneak off to the Maryport Blues Festival (http://www.maryportblues.com) to consume rather a lot of Jennings’ finest ales and listen to some darn good blues music, and Eric Sardinas. Blues is a broad church but Eric needs to be excommunicated and stoned to death. Which is what he attempted to do to the audience with his thrash death metal approach. Or it could have been a cunning plan by the organisers to make sure we all went home. Highlight was the appearance of three surviving delta blues guys from the 30’s – Homesick James, Honeyboy Edward and Robert Lockwood Jr. Discovery of the weekend was Hamilton Loomis and I found another small adorable and probably dangerous redhead for my collection (http://www.twotimers.org/). Oh and I still want to run away, have a mid-life crisis and join a band. But at least I have found a small redhead to have the mid-life crisis with.

Ok enough blogging, back to obsessing over small dangerous red-heads.

~ by @mmonyte on August 2, 2006.

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